Get to know me


   Shannon here,

creator of Saturao Studio.

I am mostly known for my high energy theatrics on the dance floor and siren pitched cackle. 

I create fresh, vibrant imagery for people who want to grow their online presence, sell things or sell themselves. I'm so grateful I'm able to assist people in showing off their best qualities or that of their brand.

I have always had a passion for visual expression in art, photography and fashion and often find myself in situations where I have too many cameras on me at once.

As a photographer I have 6 yrs professional experience and 4 yrs experience in visual content for fashion e-commerce.

Up until Saturao Studio was born, I was working as full time photographer and graphic designer for


When I'm not busy working on fun graphic projects, you can find me:

  •  Dancing to rap, hip hop or rnb.
  •  Talking someone's ear off about the patriarchy / oppression.
  •  Following my cat Belle around the house.
  •  Planning my next trip - my favourite place so far has been Iceland.
  •  Hanging with my family (we're pretty tight).

Still feel like you don't really know me?


I've explored in 18 countries.

I like to buy movie popcorn and eat it at home.

I'm an only child (not a brat though I swear).

I cannot stand coriander.. get it away from me.

I'm a hoarder (working on it though).

still here? well tell me more about you!

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