5 Details I'm Vibing For Summer & My Style Journey


Over the past few months I've been especially eyeing these details. As a long term fan of androgynous fashion [there was a period of time that you couldn't catch me out of a men's collared shirt] I can't help but be drawn to the suit-pant & blazer aesthetic mixed with lacy bralettes, dainty tops and delicate jewellery. What I adore most about this moodboard is how versatile it can be; with an abundance of ways to mix and match, it's such an achievable long-term Summer wardrobe solution.

Yesterday I stopped by my local op shop in search of anything that may fit in with these tastes and was lucky enough to find a very lightweight white over shirt, a long cream linen vest and some airy high-waisted beige shorts with a suit-pant style waistline that undoubtedly need to be taken in or treated with a belt in the short term. I feel these new pieces will serve me well not only this Summer but for my European holiday next September - and at under $15 in total, they were well worth it. 

When it comes to fashion, I've never been able to stick to one particular uniform style. My aesthetic is infinitely evolving with every new "omg but I neeed it" piece I lay my eyes on and later figure out how to work into my wardrobe. I used to battle with this like crazy- feeling as though there were something wrong with me for having these short obsessive bursts over particular looks but I've finally realised that this way of being is an intergral part of who I am as a person and there's no wrong or right way to be, so I decided to loosen the reigns a bit and just go with the flow not only in my clothing style but with every aspect of my life. Lord knows it doesn't work to limit yourself into any one way of being so I may as well let go of the mental battle as well.

After spending time with a very close friend who pointed out how exuberant I became over a particular chocolate we discovered, it finally hit me - it's just in my nature to fall head over heels for things. I'm either all in or all out when it comes to what I like and want in my life. These things don't always connect to one another in an obvious way; hell, ask anyone who's tried to buy me a present based on what I've liked in the past haha.. they'll tell you I'm impossible to buy for, yet I feel a definite and personal connection with the things I choose to keep close, be it clothing, shoes, tech, accessories, tv shows, food, people and places. They're all different and they're all me and I wouldn't want it any other way.