Your Paradise Fiji: Alexis Ren + Location Scouting

The main purpose of our trip soon became the most challenging aspect. Battling weather complications, location confusion and time constraints added a layer of stress and anxiety that you wouldn't ordinarily find in a place as chill as Malolo Lai Lai. Being forced to take a speed boat around the islands to find the right spot in a short amount of time was a more than welcome solution in my eyes. We managed to get carted around to some of the most blissful looking islands and sand bars I've had the pleasure of laying my eyes on and the opportunity to quickly explore by foot with the presences of no others bar our boat driver.

Take a peek at a few snapshots from the journey as well as some outtakes from the shoot that didn't make it into my portfolio gallery.


Despite the overcast clouds yet sweltering heat and lack of time, we managed to come away with some great final images. View more here.