Japan On Film

If you follow me on Instagram you'd know that I'm pretty excited about having a week off for myself, to create a space that I'd be happy working in, relax and finally invest in more of the equipment I'll need for my business. While going through old belongings I came across a box of film photos, a particular set catching my eye.. and I fell in love all over again; with Japan, with lomography and with shooting film. There's just something so precious about film. Shooting sparingly, that anticipation while you wait for your prints to be developed... and when they arrive, the rawness that they've captured. Everything is on display: your mishaps, your magic shots, it's all there and it just creates a different feeling to shooting digital. I think the traditional Japanese concept Wabi Sabi surrounding the acceptance of imperfections and embracing the moment fits perfectly with my love of film.

Lomography takes this to a new level with the lack of control you have over the outcome of the photo. The photographer basically takes the passenger seat when it comes to shooting with a LOMO LC-A+ (what I shot the following on) and the camera takes the wheel. You may tell it where to go and what to do but the final outcome is up to the little light catching box in your hand. These shots are unedited, from 2014 featuring Mt Fuji, uni friends and just a few of the many amazing experiences we got to have in Japan.  

I hope this posts ignites an interest in film for some of you and inspires you to go out and shoot! It really is exciting and rewarding in my humble opinion.