Save Your Pennies And Re-Wear

Wrap tops. You've seen them everywhere.

I'm currently loving these babies because they're long sleeved for Winter, look chic and billowy yet still give you the perfect silhouette by cinching in at the waist. 


I've got a lot of compliments for my newest wrap top although it's not really "new" at all. I don't have the funds to constantly be buying "on trend items" so it's actually a satin L or XL Men's button up shirt that I bought from a second hand store a few years ago and wrapped it around to tuck in at the back. I've previously worn it as more of a throw over or a tie up style and it's come in handy once again! I also just often buy tie up tops a size up and wrap them around to create a wrap top.


I decided to pair it with some satin pants from Sportsgirl, plain sunglasses and statement earrings from Lovisa to finish the look.