5 Ways To Combat The "I have nothing to wear" Dilemma On A Budget


If you read my last outfit post, you'd know I have a little thing for ethical fashion. I'll be honest, I could be a lot better with it.. but whenever there's the option for less waste or resourcefulness I am all for it. It started off as a way of being more unique and wearing things that other people I know didn't have.


So here are my 5 ways to wear new (read: new to you) things without breaking the bank and without creating extra waste for the environment, from Last Resort to my Go-To (which is how I sourced the key piece of this outfit).


5. Lurk Online Marketplaces

Keep an eye on online market places like Depop & Carousell for awesome second-hand clothing. You can find designer brands for less than half their price as well as unique items that may not be made any more. The only reason this method is on the bottom of my list is that it obviously takes time to receive the items and you can't try it on before you buy.

It's also a great way to re-cycle your own clothes and make a little pocket money at the same time. You can check out [my depop here].

3. Market Stalls

Like with thrifting, I've been into market stalls since highschool. I think I've held more stalls than I've visited recently but I still have a little look around while I'm there. Markets are awesome if you go to the right ones. With second hand fashion you can usually get a great bundle deal at Glebe or Newtown. My favourite so far was a market stall up the central coast in 2009 where I found an oversized Jag denim jacket for $9 that I still wear today... talk about bang for your buck! This method is pretty on par with thrifting, it just get's extra points because I titled the post "on a budget" and I've had better budget success here than in thrift stores. 

4. Thrifting


Thrifting was cool in my books way before Macklemore and his (hopefully faux) fur coat. Since high school I've been into hitting up a Vinnies or Salvos store on the weekends to see what bargains I can find. This is where I found my favourite satin shirt featured in my last outfit post which I've had for years.

It's also a nice place to give back by donating your old clothes and other house hold items that may be useful to someone else. If you're not in it for the good deed, it's also just a lot less effort than  reselling and much better for the environment than throwing it away.



I'm a strong believer in working with what you've got. One of my favourite ways of finding something "new" to wear on a budget is by editing something from my own wardrobe. In the past I've worn my over-sized men's shirt as a wrap top, worn an old glittery neck scarf as a crop top, cut a plain old over-sized tee into a Summer crop and altered the silhouette of my sheer button up shirt-dress.

A piece can look completely different if you belt it in a certain way, adjust a hem, layer or if you don't care about it even hack at it with scissors haha.

I love this method because not only do you have something new without needing to spend a penny, but you get to be creative and often have something unique.



My number one go-to when I've raided my closet and feel like everything is boring... is to go on over and raid MUM's closet. I'm lucky that I have a mum with pretty great taste who also still has a few great pieces from previous decades... this snakeskin looking top is probably about 10 years old and from ICE hahaha. I like this method because it's something you can do pretty last minute, doesn't cost a thing and you can combine it with the previous method. I've even worn some of my Dad's printed button ups, tied at the waist with high waisted jeans. Hit up your sister, brother, cousins... whoever might have something cool for you to borrow.

I decided to pair this sheer top with a leatherette wrap skirt by Twiin The Label, beret from Sportsgirl, Shades from Understated Store and boots by Sol Sana.

And that's it! 5 ways to overcome the dilemma on a budget. Hope these tips help next time you're in a bit of an outfit tizz. Follow me on Bloglovin' for more posts!