5 Beauty Lessons I've Learned

5 Beauty Lessons I've Learned


As someone who has always thought of themselves as having sound knowledge of skin care and beauty practices (enough to get me by as a regular person whose livelihood doesn't depend on the way they look), I was surprised to learn that I've been missing out on and even completely mis-interpreting key practices which, now righted, have made a significant impact on the look and feel of my skin. So in case you're just as much of a rookie as I am, I thought I'd share my most recently learned lessons that have made a difference for my skin and hopefully will yours.

Lesson 1: Don't Judge A Product By Its Packaging

Let's face it, our reality is everything being shared on social media - the clothes we wear, the products we use, the things we eat, the places we go. Due to this there there are significant trends existing within each category. Which beauty products are currently the "best"? We look to beauty influences for answers, stalking their social channels. However, the products that pop up most on social media are often due to how stylish the packaging is or which designer label it has come from. Sure, these items will look amazing and luxurious on your vanity and I'm sure most of them do their job.. but you don't actually need to fork out large sums to designer labels in order to look after your skin and rear the results you seek. Some of these high end products won't even give you the results you seek. I learnt this the hard way...

Lesson 2: You'll Never Know Unless You Try

As someone with naturally dry lips (I drink at least 2 litres of water a day and they're still dry), finding an effective lip balm has become my eternal quest. I can't tell you how many different types I've tried; from $2 to $25. I was never one to spend much on myself when it comes to skincare and finally worked up the courage to invest in what I thought would finally be the answer: the Lip Mask by Laneige. After researching and reading many reviews, I was convinced  that it would change my life.. that no other lip product would live up to it and that it's what I've been searching for all this time. There were many pros to this little tub; it looked and felt perfect; a tactile dream. It came with a smooth applicator, a delicious scent leaking out when I opened the lid. It felt nourishing on my lips; like a hydrating lip mask should feel. The first time I tried it, I was in Mexico. I applied it, went to bed and when I woke, found that it had worked like a charm. My lips felt super soft, smooth and hydrated. I'm not sure if it has to do with the differing climate of Australia.. but since returning home, it hasn't worked the same. If anything I feel the outer layer of my lips are rough and dry after using it. So much for that pretty packaging and all those reviews..

Funnily enough, my favourite lip products have ended up being surprises that I discovered by chance: Christmas presents and $2 drug store finds. Not the most luxurious looking products but they do the job well. I will elaborate on my favourite products in a future post.

Lesson 3: Dark Under Eyes Can Be Treated

As someone of Indian descent, I've gone my whole life accepting the fact that dark circles are just a part of my genetics. I've focused my time, energy and money on concealing this part of my appearance rather than treating it; convinced that under eye treatments were for puffiness and eye bags rather than the deep pigmentation I struggle with. I've used colour correctors, concealers and have even used eyeshadow primer under my eyes (which in hindsight probably had an adverse effect). It was only after having my first ever facial in 2017 that I had my face mapped and was advised that my under eye area was in desperate need of hydration. So from here I thought... what have I got to lose? And began using an eye cream that claimed to reduce wrinkles and minimise dark circles. After using it daily for a about a month - I couldn't be happier with the results. I have finally reduced the darkness under my eyes a noticeable amount. It has doubled my confidence to go out without makeup and my skin feels healthier. I wish I had a before photo but I just had that little faith in any results that I didn't feel the need to.


Lesson 4: Makeup Sponges Require Water

This may seem like an obvious one for some.. but if like me - you bought a $10 Beauty Blender dupe that didn't come with instructions, you too may be wondering why all these beauty bloggers love the little sponge so much. After attempting to apply my makeup with the dry sponge while following a tutorial - I just couldn't grasp why everyone raved about it. I came to the conclusion that the Original Beauty Blender must be 10 x better and that I had made a mistake purchasing this dupe. Only after discarding (this ocurred before I became more environmentally conscious and thought it was a complete dud) did I finally come across a makeup tutorial which clarified that you're supposed to dampen the sponge before using it. Lo and Behold; the next sponge I got my hands on (granted it was an actual Beauty Blender as a gift) worked like a dream. I finally understand the hype and I'm hooked. 


Lesson 5: Never Confuse Body Cream, Face Cream Or Eye Cream

I used to be under the impression that moisturiser was moisturiser and that separating different types like "Face" and "Body" were just marketing techniques encouraging you to buy more. I knew moisturising was important but I didn't realise that different types were specifically formulated for their target areas. Heck, back in high school I sometimes used body moisturiser on a tissue to take my makeup off *shudder*. I've now learned that face creams are generally lighter and less greasy than regular moisturisers as the skin on your face is thinner and more delicate. The skin around our eyes is even thinner still and therefore requires a more tailored moisturiser to avoid any sort of irritation possible. Most eye creams are more lightweight than regular face moisturisers and absorb even faster. Always avoid scented creams on your face and choose products for sensitive skin where possible to be safe.

I hope these lessons help any other rookies out there to improve their skin care practices! Let me know if it helped or if you have any other lessons I could learn xx